Drift Hodoscope

This project was developed prior to the Pixel Hodoscope as an experiment to see if a multilayered array of Geiger–Müller Tubes (GMT) could track and ionizing particles as they passed through.  The result is an interesting display demonstrating how cosmic rays travel down through the atmosphere at different angles.

In the video random blue LED flashes are the result of terrestrial background radiation in and around the array of 18 GMTs but when a line of 2 or more LEDs simultaneously flash it is practical to assume this is the result of muon passing through.    The Blue LED are arranged in the same pattern as the internal GMT.


Using a Parallel Voltage Summing circuit for each GMT output it is possible to use an adjustable voltage comparator to measure coincidence between more than two or more GMT, in the video it is red LED.

Bench testing during prototyping current setup uses Blue LED and the GMT are mounted differently.

First assembled 2012